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We're here to help you be a stronger force for good.

Our Mission as a Web Design Studio for Nonprofits

We use a holistic approach to build your website from the ground up. From day one, we will work with you to create an impactful site that is accessible to all, sustainable for the environment, backed by user research, and supports a diverse and inclusive audience.

Our Values

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1. People come first.

We place a strong focus on building ethical, human-centered sites. We have a responsibility to your audience to provide an accessible experience so that it’s compliant with WCAG and provides an equivalent experience to all people.

Your supporters’ privacy will also be protected because we limit tracking and tools to what is absolutely necessary, and we make sure your site is GDPR- and CCPA-compliant by default.

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2. Diversity and inclusion.

Diversity fuels our spirit. Our mission is to help you show commitment to community stability, mobility, and inclusiveness within the diverse constituents you serve.

We help you close the diversity gap by positioning your organization to be inclusive. This helps you connect authentically with your community, and appeals to potential donors and partners.

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3. Sustainability.

The sites we make are created with a low carbon footprint to help with sustainability, which helps shape a better world for future generations.

We make sure to plant trees for every website we build to help offset the carbon footprint of the project, and we are also a business member of One Percent for the Planet, meaning we donate at least 1% of our annual revenue to environmental organizations.

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4. Prioritize open source.

Whenever possible, we use and recommend open-source software.

These open-source tools are effective and community-oriented, and will help your nonprofit operate at the high standards that people expect today from companies and organizations.

Behind the fox

Lucid Fox was founded in 2014 with the intention of providing digital consulting, but in time has pivoted to focus on building bespoke websites for nonprofits.

We help organizations be a force for good with beautiful and effective websites. By improving your web presence and making it easier to manage, we know you’ll have more time to focus on your programs and serving your communities.

Ready for us to revitalize your website?

Kind words from previous clients

"We had a functional, but outdated and unsupported website. Making changes was cumbersome and often altered the look of each page. [...] The old website made our organization look old and static.

"The Lucid Fox team listened closely to our needs and delivered a website that is easy to navigate, rich with information, user-friendly, and simple to update. 

"Our new website has a fresh new look which truly reflects who we are. It looks professional, yet warm and welcoming. It is uniquely designed for our organization, with customizable modules and the ability to adapt as our organization changes and grows.

"Lucid Fox did an excellent job training staff to make changes and edits to the website. Making updates to the website is simple and empowering!"

Aimee Lam, Executive Director
Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County

Let us help you get your time back.

We’ll help you further your mission and connect with your supporters with a beautiful, functional, and people-centric website.

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