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Our approach

Stylized illustration of a person in a tank top with their hair in a bun, standing in front of a control panel with various buttons in front. The panel shows what looks like stylized personas, part of the user experience process.

You deserve a beautiful, effective website that amplifies your mission, reduces your admin overhead, and supports your nonprofit's needs well into the future.

Our holistic process uses research and collaborative techniques to better understand your organization, your audience, and your team.

Let's work together to build something easy.

How is Lucid Fox different?

We put people first, from beginning to end.

You and your community are our priority. We work hard to ensure the well-being of both throughout our process and well after the launch of your new website.

We pay it forward at every opportunity.

We do this work because we care about the future of our society and planet. Not every nonprofit can afford a new website, so we have two outreach programs to support impactful nonprofits in need whenever we can.

Fully-custom yet easy-to-manage websites.

We don’t squeeze your mission into a one-size-fits-all web template. Your bespoke website will be powered by a modern content management system, tailored to fit the needs of your specific organization.

We're here for you, now and in the future.

Once your new site is launched, we will stay in touch and support you. You can consult with us to find the best supplementary apps or technology, and we can help you integrate them into your website as your needs grow.

Our collaborative process

We provide a sure-fire service that is mapped out from start to finish. Our streamlined process will allow us to make progress together without overwhelm. Here’s what to expect when working with us.

  1. Onboarding

  2. Research & Strategy

  3. Content & Design

  4. Development & Launch

Yes! We’re so ready to start working on your nonprofit’s website. There are just a few housekeeping tasks we need to complete to make sure we’re in sync.

Let's get to know each other.

First we take the time to get to know your organization, your goals, your must-have features, and more. We will also talk to your board members and key staff to get a well-rounded, birds-eye view of your organization.

Brand Preparation

In this step, we will determine your branding needs (if applicable) and collect all associated materials.

How is your current site working?

If you have a site already, we'll talk about what you like or want to keep and what we can safely set aside.

Stylized illustration of a person in an astronaut suit with the helmet off, smiling and extending a hand towards you. Their other hand gestures to the rocket ship in the background, loaded and ready to get started!

Here’s where we get to know more about your donors, volunteers, and website visitors. This step helps us make informed decisions during the rest of the project.

User Research

We’ll select and use various research methods to understand your audience, then compile profiles (or personas) that represent your website visitors. This helps us understand why different people may visit your site, and what they will be looking for when they get there.

Site Maps & User Flows

Information Architecture, or more simply a “site map,” helps us to see how content is structured on your site. This is the outline that will help us determine what content goes where, and how a person may explore your site depending on their situation.

Stylized illustration of a person with coiled hair held up by a wrap is standing in front of a futuristic looking research lab. They're holding a laptop and looking at the results with interest.

Now that we have a strong base of research, we can begin to analyze your content and create your website design.

Content & Copy

We'll make sure we have the content we need according to your new site map, and our expert copywriters will help write the most influential pages.


We start with simple outlines of your website design to focus on structure and functionality.

UI Design

We apply your brand aesthetics to your wireframes so you can see what your site should look like when it's done.

A stylized illustration of a person sitting in front of their drawing tablet, pencil in hand. In the background there are all kinds of aesthetic plants and shapes.

It’s time to build your website! From the technical set up to testing and launching, we code from scratch to ensure your site will load quickly and run efficiently.

Technical Set Up

Here’s where your site is built and developed. There’s a lot happening in the background, but in the end we work some SEO magic, add your content, and also ensure that you will be able to manage your site easily in the future.

Quality Assurance

Let’s make sure your site will work for everyone, everywhere. We test for accessibility, browser-compatibility, device-compatibility, performance, and more. You’ll also help in this step to ensure we haven’t missed anything.

3, 2, 1... Liftoff!

Your site is ready to be viewed by the public, woo hoo! Your organization is about to be a lot more effecient and effective. Congratulations!

Stylized illustration of a person with a jetpack strapped to their back, rocketing through the sky in the superhero pose with one arm extended. They look exhilarated as the clouds whoosh by.

In addition, all of our sites include:

“Our new website has streamlined our internal processes, eliminating mountains of paperwork. We are thrilled.”

Aimee Lam, Executive Director
Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County

case study coming soon

Wait, how much will all of this cost?

We know—the "b" word can be scary. (Budgets are hard.)

While we'd love to tell you exactly how much your site will cost right now, the truth is we don't know yet.

Every project is radically different, and it depends on your unique goals, current tech dependencies, and what we can fit into your budget. The best way to get a number is to get in touch.

That being said, we can tell you that most of our clients:

  • are established, mid-size nonprofits,
  • have an outdated site built 5-10 years ago, and
  • are growing fast and need a new site to support their increased capacity.

Our payment plans usually involve a 30% project deposit, then 3-12 months of automatic installments (depending on your organization's specific needs.) 

If this sounds like a bit too much for your nonprofit, please contact us about our outreach efforts—we would love to find a way to help you, regardless of your budget

Ready to make a change?

Let's explore together how we can revitalize your website, outside and in.

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