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Honest Methods

A collection of insights and thoughts on nonprofit life, design, development, ethics, and more.

A dragon sleeps, curled around and protecting a phone with a lock icon on the screen.

Your Website Visitors Deserve Privacy

Website security and user privacy go hand-in-hand. By limiting the amount of data you collect from your site visitors and also making sure your site is secure, you significantly reduce the...

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A paper-crafted planet earth, held by two hands with a green heart over it.

A Fast Site Will Reduce Your Organization’s Carbon Footprint

A fast site is better for your organization—and the planet. Here are several tips for you to provide a pleasant user experience and make your site sustainable.

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A black letterboard on a flat black background. The message reads, "There comes a time when silence is betrayal."

3 Steps to Walking the Diversity Walk in your Organization

Today I’m happy to present this guest post from Lekeshia Angelique, our DE&I consultant. Many nonprofits talk about diversity, but often don’t follow through. Here are some high-level steps to get your organization’s actions in line with its morals. — Crystal

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